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What a Difference
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When I met Ian Edwards early in 2003 to discuss come local advertising, I asked him“What is Structural Integration?” When he explained, I said the only problem I have is, because I do a lot of driving my back suffers fom time to time. He said he could help and suggested I try a session.


This was booked for 5th June 2003 . After a detailed discussion he learned that I had a car accident 11 years previously and had suffered from Whiplash. This still affected me by restricting movement in the neck and causes discomfort at junctions when I was driving or when I was reversing and had to turn my head It also affected me when looking up and I even found difficulty in putting in a light bulb but I had grown to accept this after all these years.


I felt the first session made a difference and agreed to have a couple more.


I was amazed at the difference in my neck and driving became much more comfortable.


I eventually completed the Ten Sessions and noticed an increase in energy levels and felt very relaxed.


In March 2005 I decided to have another 3 sessions as a sort of MOT


Just before my third session was due I had an accident resulting in leg injuries which prevented me from driving for several weeks and Ian was going to Hawaii for Advanced Training for 6 – 7 weeks


At the end of May 2005 I contacted Ian to explain about my accident and although I was driving again I was still a bit wary about long distances.


I told him I had to drive to Barnard Castle in County Durham for Training in the very latest Web Design Software. As this involved a round trip of 600 miles I felt a Rolf Session would be beneficial. He said it would help but a long drive so soon after was not highly recommended.


However I felt so good I did the journey and combined it with a couple of nights stay in the South of Scotland. I made the mistake of standing for over two hours at a local Gala.This caused considerable discomfort. I managed to drive home on the Sunday with the aid of a pain killers.

When I got up on Monday morning I could hardly walk. I had pain in my lower back extending down my left leg 

Ian Edwards agreed to see me that morning and within 3 minutes the pain had gone.

What a difference! I was totally amazed and I am eternally grateful. He said he could send me away like that but the pain may come back. If he worked on it for an hour or so because I already had experienced the Basic Ten Sessions the benefits would be more long lasting.


This indeed was highly beneficial because not only did he cure me, after he heard about the new Britnett-Carver Web Design Software he decided he would use my company Webecom Marketing to design his website.


That was a bonus but I would recommend Ian Edwards for his enthusiasm and dedication to his work and the way he puts you at ease. The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is still relatively unknown but I hope I can repay Ian by helping him to use his website effectively to spread the word because I am sure Structural Integration will be  beneficial to many of you.



Article by George McGillivray, Webmaster www.webecommarketing.co.uk

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