Ian Edwards: Advanced Rolf Practitioner, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.
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Rolf Testimonial 9
November 2006 Tel. 01569 766299

Dear Ian,

Thank you very much for the relief that you have brought me by working on my shoulders with your method of deep massage, (ROLFING). I had very little backwards and upwards movement of my arms. After 26 weeks of N.H.S. physiotherapy, they said nothing else could be done.

It was recommended to me that I should make an appointment to see you.

Whilst working on me you picked up past injuries that I had long forgotten about. My body had taken a lot of punishment through life but you certainly sorted that out.

After ten sessions I was able to move about the way I should.

The relief is great and I get a good sleep every night now.


Thanks again.

Duncan McIntosh.

76 Braehead Crescent | Dunnottar Braes
Stonehaven | Aberdeenshire| Scotland | AB39 2PS
TEL:+44(0)1569 766299 | MOB: 07803 966871
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