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Rolf Testimonial 7
March 2005 Tel. 01569 766299

Dear Ian,

When I came to you in June 2003, the aim was to try a couple of sessions to relieve back tension, caused by a lot of driving. I had no idea what Structural Integration (Rolfing) was, but you had convinced me it was worth a try. During your initial consultation you learned about my car accident 11 years previously when I suffered whiplash and that I had accepted the fact that my neck got sore when I tried to put in a light bulb or hanging up curtains. That didn't bother me too much but it affected me when I was reversing a car or when I was at a junction and having to stretch my neck to see if there was anything coming and I had grown to accept that there was nothing that could be done about the old whiplash injury.

After two sessions I started to feel a big difference in my neck and my back wasn't quite so bad. I was amazed where you found areas of tension and that you were able to remove this. I eventually continued until I completed the 10 series and this was really worthwhile. I felt more energetic and noticed a major difference when I was driving, particularly at junctions and this really surprised me.

Although you had just started your practice, I was reluctant to give you any comments in writing untill I was happy that this wasn't just a short term fix.

Well !! almost two years on, I can honestly say, I have never had any more problems with my neck, having put up with the discomfort for 11 years and I do not suffer with a sore back when I am driving.

You certainly spent a lot of time getting to the root of any problems and the Rolf Method of Structural Integration technique has certainly been a success for me.

I think I would consider another 2 or 3 sessions again this year as a sort of MOT.

Many thanks for your help and good luck.


George McGillivray


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