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Rolf Testimonial 6
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December 2005

"After 30 years of playing badminton at near international level, I had a plethora of old sports injuries with varying degrees of discomfort - lower back, shoulder, tennis elbow, shin splints, ankle, hip to name a few. But in particular, both knees were giving increasing pain.

I also had many years of experience of what gave the best recoveries - stretching, ice, physio, chiropracter, rehabilitation etc. And so having exhausted these, was begining to worry about 'end of sporting career time'.

To cut a long story short, due to Ian's skill, patience, persistence and I believe a great deal of intuition - there has been massive improvement - not only in the obvious acute areas (I literally haven't felt my knees for several months) - but with old aches I had forgotten I was tolerating.

My breathing is dramatically better (childhood asthma tension) - great for fitness!!, my golf swing is longer, slower and much more flexible, and even long drives in the car leave me feeling absolutely fine.

Who would'nt benefit from this revolutionary treatment." Thanks Ian - I'll be back for a top up next year!


Steve Thomson.

May - December 2005

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