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Rolf Testimonial4
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Gillian Grant (Dec 2003 

For a long time I’d been suffering with lower back pain and felt general weakness/stiffness in my hips/sacrum region. 


I had an area of tension in the middle of my left shoulder blade and generally felt tense and wound up, and that I wasn’t breathing properly. 


My sleep was disturbed and my energy levels and enthusiasm were low, I worked in a high pressure environment where tight deadlines were the norm and spent hours in front of a PC hurrying to get things finished because the people I worked for never allowed enough time to get the work done.  I didnÂ’t enjoy having this pressure on me and became very stressed by my work and started resenting the people I worked for, became irritable and tense and easily agitated. 


My job was definitely affecting my health in a negative way.  I had been seeing a chiropractor every 6 – 8 weeks or so for ‘maintenance’ work on my lower back for two years, but although the work helped me feel better for a short period after, it didn’t last. 


I did not want to keep going back to the chiropractor as it obviously was not fixing the problem.  I decided that I would have to seek some other form of therapy and thought about seeing someone who did muscle work. 


I did some research on the internet and found several sites on the Rolf Method of Structural Integration which sounded like the sort of thing I was looking for.  I checked the Yellow pages for a practitioner and was pointed in the direction of Ian Edwards.


For me the Rolf method of Structural Integration was a gradual return to proper alignment of my body.  Through my stresses and tight postures, in an effort to keep the outside world from coming in, I had twisted myself into knots. 


''Structural Integration'' smoothed out, lengthened and reawakened these areas of tissue that had become coarse, tight knots, and gradually, over the ten sessions, my body returned to its natural alignment and remembered how to hold itself in its original way again.


On 18 February 2004, I completed session 10 of the 10 series. 


I no longer have weakness or stiffness in my sacral area, the tension in my shoulder has gone, I sleep better and I breathe deeper. 


I am more aware of my breathing and realise now that I used to hold my breath unnecessarily whenever stressed. 


I am considerably less stressed and if stressful situations arise, I can easily recognise them and choose not to let them affect me in the way they did before. 


I do not take on other people’s problems and am able to stay centred and protect myself from outside influences that would have caused me upset before. 


I have more confidence and am able to speak up for myself more and voice my concerns when things arenÂ’t to my liking and can speak to friends and colleagues more easily without fear that what I say might offend them. 


Structural Integration has made a considerable difference to my life, I am eternally grateful to my practitioner Ian Edwards and I know I will continue to see the benefits for a long time to come.




Gillian Grant

February 2004



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