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Rolf Testimonial 14
Back Pain

“When I first visited Ian in September of last year, I was almost at my wits end.

Having had a fairly severe Scoliosis of the spine surgically corrected by the fitting of a Harrington Rod over 25 years ago, I had enjoyed a number of relatively pain free years when I was younger.  Unfortunately over the past few years I had been experiencing increasing levels of discomfort, particularly in my lower back and lower limbs, typical of sciatic pain.  I had also very badly twisted my knee about 6 months previously, which had made a mess of the ligaments and no amount of physiotherapy seemed capable of resolving.  MRI scans of both my back and knee showed a degree of degeneration of both, consistent with arthritis and as I was in increasing levels of pain and under surgical recommendation I finally opted to have the surgical procedure of facet joint injections into my spine in early 2012.

The relief they brought was fleeting, resulting in me needing to take increasing levels of heavy duty painkillers in order to have a tolerable day to day existence.  I was starting to notice that the increasing pain was having a really detrimental effect on my life – I was constantly tired and was struggling to enjoy my outdoor life outside work – longish walks were starting to become out of the question.  My husband even had to abandon me once to fetch the car up a woodland track on one of our hikes because my back had become so stiff and uncomfortable I was in tears.

A fleeting conversation with a photographer friend who suggested I speak to Ian has been utterly life changing.  Having experienced the benefits of Rolfing himself, he explained a little of what it was about and urged me to go and read up about it and contact Ian myself if I was interested.

So I set up a meeting with Ian and with a little trepidation set off for Stonehaven. 

Ian made me feel immediately at ease, having had years of medical messing about; I also suffer with endometriosis that has wrecked my reproductive organs and kidney stones so maybe I was used to it.  Ian spent quite a while listening carefully to my medical history and we talked about what I was hoping Rolfing would achieve for me.  He felt it would be beneficial, but in truth I’m not sure even he realised just how much benefit it would bring me. After this initial discussion he set to work.

I’m not going to explain here too much about the process of being “Rolfed” there are plenty of videos etc. online that explain that better than words will; suffice to say that first session was a revelation.  At the end of the first session I was so much more comfortable than at the start it reduced me to tears. No one single thing has brought as much relief, with the exception of a hefty dose of morphine. I returned without hesitation after that initial session and quickly completed the 10 steps of realignment. Since then I have seen Ian at least twice, sometimes three times a month, and have seen a really tangible benefit to the work he is doing.  I intend to continue to see him for as long as it takes – and for me I think this might be for the rest of my life.

In the first instance I am standing a lot more upright. My body shape has changed. I have lost weight. I have increased flexibility and general mobility. He has fixed my knee. I have started hill walking again, and am planning to climb Cairngorm this weekend. I don’t struggle with walking my bouncy Labrador. I worked a full season on my friend’s shoot, on rough terrain where I had to stand in the cold and walk over a lot of very rough terrain.  I feel elated as write this knowing that I can only improve with Ian’s continued hard work and dedication.  I won’t lie and say I’m not taking pain relief anymore, because I still am and suspect I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, because opiate base painkillers are awkward to stop taking. But I have stopped having to take as much analgesia as I did on my worst days, and the effect of not constantly being nagged by pain has meant I feel rejuvenated and invigorated in a way that I have not felt for years.  When the heavy weight of constantly being in pain is lifted, the feeling its departure leaves you with is nothing short of miraculous.

If you are living with bone or muscular pain, I cannot recommend Rolfing, and in particular Ian Edwards highly enough. He’s given me back my active outdoor life and I cannot thank him enough.”

Kind regards


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