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Rolf Testimonial 10

A few years ago I fell off a ladder while decorating. I really damaged my left foot and leg. After months of taking pain killers and resting my leg, the hospital gave me physiotherapy. Eventually the physiotherapist said there was no more could be done. I was still in great pain and could not walk very far. Then while watching television one day I saw a programme which mentioned ROLFING. I made enquiries as to where I could get treatment.

It was the best thing I have ever done. After a few treatments a bone in my foot clicked back into place, then, while getting while getting Rolf therapy done another bone in my leg clicked back into place. After ten treatments I felt so much lighter and could stand up straight. The pain had gone and I looked and felt about ten years younger.

Before my wedding I made another three appointments with Ian Edwards and I felt good.

A few months after getting married a car ran into the back of mine. I had whiplash injuries and my left knee had banged into the dashboard jolting my left side. I contacted Ian Edwards again and after Rolf Therapy the whiplash injuries were soon gone. After three more treatments on my left side and back the pain has gone and I can walk distances again.

Also, along with the other injuries Ian has has also fixed my big toe joint which had seized up. It was rigid with a big lump on top causing me real problems getting shoes and putting them on. The lump has gone and I can now wiggle my toe which is marvelous.

Structural Integration has helped me to get my mobility back and feel younger and lighter. Ian Edwards just has the knack of looking at you and knowing what is causing the problem.

Aileen McIntosh


December 2006 

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