Ian Edwards: Advanced Rolf Practitioner, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.
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Rolf Testimonial 1
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Prior to receiving my basic 10 rolf work from Ian, I suffered constant pain in my lower arms from a nerve injury. My pain has greatly diminished and will continue to heal. Have been told repeatedly how badly I "hunched" my shoulders. This poor posture caused shoulder and neck pain for years. I just could not stand straight! My height has increased 1/2 inch; pain free am able to hold myself erect, walking with a fluidity and grace not experienced for years. I feel 20 years younger and stronger!
The thing I am enjoying most after the series ... is how regal and tall I feel, walking very erect and feeling feisty! Measured @ Dr.'s office and I have picked up 1/2 inch.
Faye Kurk
Kauai, Hawaii
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