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My Thoughts on Structural Integration

We are all different and all of us have different needs and expectations depending on the way we live – and this will have an effect on our bodies whether you are a builder, oil worker, housewife, lorry driver, lawyer, sports man or woman, or sitting at a computer all day. 


Dr Ida P Rolf put her therapy together in the 1950’s, and in the 1970’s taught the work from the town of Boulder, Colorado, USA.  Her work, the Rolf method of Structural Integration, is made up of 10 basic sessions, each one building on the previous.  She referred to her work as the recipe – and like all recipes can be changed and modified according to the ingredients available.  So– as we all come from different walks of life, taller, shorter, fatter, thinner, fit or unfit, stressed or not so stressed, this therapy is designed to suit and benefit all body types. There are 10 sessions in the basic 10 series and this may seem like a daunting commitment. It can easily be spread over a number of weeks, or even months to suit the individual. (I can advise on various options).


I suggest to any one thinking about having rolf therapy to try one session first. That way after having had the Structural Integration (rolfing) session and feeling so much better, lighter and more relaxed (words simply are not adequate enough to fully express the tremendous benefits achieved from Structural Integration) then you are able to appreciate the effectiveness of this therapy. Most people try one session first, then go for three and then decide to have the whole 10 series.


Those who have completed the ten series have all been more than happy. Just look at the testimonials. 

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