Ian Edwards: Advanced Rolf Practitioner, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.
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Ian in Hawaii

It's tough being a ROLF Practitioner........ but Ian put a brave face on it.
The advanced training in Structural Integration  provides an excellent opportunity for the refinement and development of the work, examining the many diverse aspects of Structural Integration.

Practitioners bring their experiences in practice back to the classroom setting; the focus is on being able to meet the specific needs of the individual client in their own structural, functional and energetic aspects.

Attention is also paid to the process of the practitioner within these same aspects.

The Advanced Structural Integration Training builds on the foundation created by the basic ten series to examine the energetic processes that are always a part of the client-practitioner equation, and to use these processes consciously and intentionally. This training is designed to bring a deeper level of understanding to the practitioner and a higher level of awareness for the client.

Poor Ian had to carry out his six week Structural Integration Advanced Training course in Hawaii.

View of Classroom
Training Classroom in sunny Kauai

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